Ridge Motorsport Park – May 30th and 31st

Good Day All,


The race at the Ridge Motorsports Park is coming up fast. We will have a registration form up soon on the website.

The event is March 30th and 31st. We will have practice Friday, and a race day Saturday.

We will be able to move into the pits Thursday late afternoon/early evening. We will have registration open Thursday evening for a few hours.  Friday, we will have Turn-2-Lapping splitting the track day with us. What an awesome group! Turn-2-Lapping is a car racing group, so we will get to see some nice GT-3 Porsche’s and other makes.

We have a custom kart cover to give away, thanks to John Shearer from kartcover.com.  There will be three sets of MG Tires to be given away.

ALL WHO PRE-REGISTER by May 27th will have a chance at winning an entry fee, which will be drawn for two lucky racers, just like last year.

This year we will do a first time road race first entry fee of 50.00 dollars. So all you beginners and sprint racers, here’s your chance to try road racing at one of the finest road courses in the Northwest. So, please spread the word.

There will be accommodations available at the Little Creek Casino, see the link below. When calling reservations, anyone that mentions the RIDGE rate, it is going to be a dedicated 25% off our Track Rate.

When booking online. if they go to www.little-creek.com, click reserve, they can use the Promotional Code RIDGE, or use this link: http://uslcc.webhotel.microsdc.us/bp/search_rooms.jsp?promoCode=ridge, and it puts the code in there for them.

Thank you,

Aaron Stanford

P.S.R.R.A President

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