Thank you for making the Road Race the Ridge a success!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who made this event a success. From what I can tell everyone had a good time.
We had a few issues with timing and scoring, but got it all fixed. Thanks to Jamie Sender for doing timing and scoring. Results are up on my-laps – Still working on race group 1. Those results will be up soon.
Special thanks to:
  • Steve Plank for registration
  • Lisa Stanford for help with registration and feeding the corner workers on Saturday.
  • Thomas Plant for being grid stewart and Timing IT guy.
  • Tom Pritchett for joining our group on Friday with his awesome car group.
  • Rod and Karen Powell for making this possible with all there help.
  • Steve Perdue for helping promote this event bringing a bunch of sprinters from his race group.
  • Lost Mines for the awesome job they do working the corners for us. THEY ARE THE BEST.
  • Stat Response for the versatility of being our E.M.T and tow Vehicle
I’m sure I’m missing people, and I’m sorry for that.
We got a bunch of pictures from Veritas Imagery Northwest. Please take a look at them. You can purchase the pics right off the website.  We need to help support him as continues to support our sport.
Also, EkartingNews did a follow up article to our race. Please take a minute to read it, and share it. – See link here. They will be working with us to help promote road racing in the Northwest. We need to get new faces and promote our sport, so please share the article.
All and all, we had a very good event. We will be looking forward to working with Turn2 in the future, and maybe adding more dates next year. Please feel free to respond with any comments and feedback about the event, so we can build on this.
Aaron Stanford

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